Continental Shelf
Great Deep Sea Fishing is just a phone call away! 800-775-7450

Map of Eastern U.S. The Continental Shelf is homeported in Morehead City, which is located about midway the North Carolina Coast. Drive times from some of the locations our anglers call home:

Baltimore, MD 8 Hours

Charleston, SC 5 Hours

Greensboro, NC 4 1/2 Hours

New York, NY 12 Hours

Philadelphia, PA 10 Hours

Raleigh, NC 3 Hours

Richmond, VA 5 Hours

Washington, NC 2 hours

Washington, DC 7 Hours

Please note: You should try to arrange your travel schedule so that you arrive at our dock at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. Most of our anglers who travel from the North use I-95 to reach North Carolina. We then recommend that you use the Selma, NC Exit where you can take Highway 70 East (4 lanes all the way!) to Morehead City. Its about 2 1/2 hours from the Selma Exit to our docks.

When you arrive in Morehead City you will find that Highway 70 becomes Arendell Street. You can be sure its Arendell Street because there is a train track running straight down the middle! Take Arendell Street into Morehead until you reach 8th Street. Take a right on 8th Street and go down until the street ends (2 blocks) and when you get to the stop sign you will see a building to the left for Discovery Diving. On top of one corner of that building you will see a replica of a lighthouse (its about 15 feet tall). Right under that lighthouse you will find the ticket office for the Continental Shelf.  (Its not actually under the lighthouse - its in the building - and its located in a line directly below the location of the lighthouse. We don't want anybody climbing up on top of the building and prying the lighthouse up to try and find our ticket office "under" it!)