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What do I need to bring? Do you provide ______?
Bring your good luck and a cooler to take your fish home in. We provide the rod & reel, bait & tackle for the trip and we ice the fish while you are on board the boat. You will need a cooler to put them in when the boat returns to the dock and ice is available for purchase at the ticket office. There is a snackbar aboard the boat that serves sandwiches and snacks to keep you going through a long day of reeling in the big ones.
Can I keep all the fish I catch?
Yes, and no. Some of the fish caught aboard the Continental Shelf are subject to size and catch restrictions imposed by the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (NCDMF) and/or the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The owners of the Continental Shelf and her crew believe that conservation is a vital part of maintaining the future of recreational fishing and all catch and size limits are strictly enforced. Besides, you can only eat so many fish and no one wants to pick on an under-sized snapper! To see the size and catch limits to which your fish might be subject visit the NCDMF Recreational Fishing Guide. Its one of the best websites in state government done by one of the world's best webmasters - and he's family.
I have a group of 5 people and I want to charter your boat. Can I do that?
Why certainly! However, the Continental Shelf is a 100 foot sportfishing machine and our charters usually consist of large groups of 40 or more. You could charter the boat with only 5 people, but it would be mighty expensive per person. If you really want a boat to carry only a small group of friends then you might want to charter one of the smaller boats in the area. But, you can also sign on as part of one of our regular day trips. We think you'll like the other fishermen aboard our ship.
How will the weather be on _______ date?

If we could answer that question we would be rich! You can check the weather links on our website and they can give you a rough idea, but being weathermen they are usually about as wrong as they are right. So, if you are going to be travelling a long distance to make your fishing trip we strongly recommend that you call our toll-free number (800-775-7450) before leaving. Also, its a good idea to give the booking folks a day and night phone number when you make your reservations so we can reach you. As to the weather itself - we can handle rain, but high winds are tough. However, even windy conditions can sometimes be managed by chosing the right fishing grounds. When in doubt - call us!

Morehead City Forecast and Coastal Forecast

How far offshore do you go, and how deep is the water, and do you go to the gulfstream?
Hey! That's three questions! We fish anywhere from a few miles offshore to more than 50 miles from the dock. The water ranges from less than 100 feet to nearly 300, and sometimes we go to the gulfstream and sometimes we don't. Each day the captain chooses the fishing spots where he expects the best catches depending on the weather, sea, and current conditions, and where recent catches have been good.

Can I use Braided Line?

Sure you can use Braid but keep in mind that Braid is VERY hard to untangle. We can not take 30 mins to untangle it every time. We do not mind if you use long as YOU do not mind if we cut it.

Can I bring my own Rod and Reel?

Sure you can bring your own Rod and Reel but we limit you to 2 Rods per person. Why only 2? Becasue in the past people have brought 10 and it does nothing but cause problems.

Can I bring my own Cooler?

Sure you can bring your own personal Drink Cooler. All we ask is NO large cooler. That means no 120 qt coolers.

Can I bring my GPS?

The Captain will take great Offence if you bring a GPS. He has spent many years finding the locations that he will take you fishing. A private GPS to "Steal" his locations is like parking in your local mechanic's parking lot, picking up his tools and then working on your own car.

What is your Refund Policy?

There are NO refunds once the boat leaves the dock. If we are forced to return to the dock for any reason early we will issue rain checks for the number of hours missed only.

But wait! I have more questions! Just call the toll-free number 800-775-7450.

If you want to check on rates, or date availability just contact us. We'll be glad to help you!

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